Terms and Conditions

Study United Ltd (owner) and operator of (studyunited.com) Students (users) who book courses and services through (studunited.com) Schools,colleges and service providers are the organization who provide courses and services to Students through www.studyunited.com platform.

Studyunited.com is providing students with informations and tools to ease enrollment service in transparent model. All courses info ( prices, dates and course contents) are provided by our partners (e.g. schools)

School’s cancellation policy is showing in the course information applies to all students and students should read and understand it before booking. School’s/college’s cancellation terms and conditions should apply in the event of cancellation of any course.

Students must open an account with studyunited.com when booking a course and they must login into thier page in “My Account” to track their bookings status and updates.

Students must keep updating their account (payments, visa status and arrival information.)

Students must respond to all messages and comments posted in their account wit hin the time required in the messages.

Bookings and Enrollments

After students enroll in a course via studyunited.com in 48 hours schools will look to the students details and approve it, course dates Confirmation of booking will be according to the schools’ approval due to a student’s details (E.g. age, language level, course requirements and so on).


Arrival to accommodation must be no more than one day prior to the course starting date. arrival to school must be at 8:30 Am on the same course starting date.


  • Students pay all fees to the school’s bank account directly as provided in the school’s invoice. Student must keep the receipt of payment and send us a copy of the receipt for proof.
  • School’s fees and bank account will be shown in “my finance” section in the student’s account page in studyunited.com or/and the school’s invoice which will be sent to the student by us through email (or post if needed).
  • Students must pay all the fees in full to the school bank account before a course starting date, this period of payment vary from one school to another. This can be mentioned in the invoice or in the in the student’s account page in studyunited.com.


Accommodation number of weeks can not access the course ending date. All accommodation are arranged by the schools. Schools will confirm accommodation booking due to a receipt of the full invoice payment. For students who need a student visa, accommodation confirmation will be after a student guaranteed a visa.

Pickup service

Pickup service are provided by schools, and students have this option to choose this service or arrange their own transport on arrival. if the student booked a pickup service, they must inform us of their full flight and arrival details, this should be at least one week prior to course starting date.


For students who need “Student Entry Visa”, the schools and colleges will provide the “Visa Invitation Letter” and it will be sent by us via email or the original by post if needed (students will be charged for postage costs) Students are responsible of applying for Students Visa from their home country.

Air Flight ticket

Students are responsible of arranging their flight tickets to their place of study. Student must send us a copy of their full flight and arrival details as soon as they book it .

Costs and fees

All fees which shown in studyunited.com are exactly the same as provided by our partners (schools and colleges).

Extra fees

Some schools charge Extra Fees, such as books & materials, summer accommodation supplements ,summer tuition supplements, Visa registration fees, holydays supplements ...ect, schools have the right to charge extra fees accordingly.

Courses start date

Start dates is when the course start, some schools will ask the students to select other start dates depends on availability and language level.

Course Contents

The course content is the description of the courses and this is what students will study.

Extra fees and services by studyunited.com

We may charge the students for extra services such as sending documents, translating documents and certificates.